Friday, November 7, 2008

Lets Play Chess - The Umno Way

Now Umno had its new waiting least till march 2009,DS Najib won uncontested when last few days he dominates the umno division nomination for presidency post and his opponent failed to secure needed numbers for him to qualify. Already anticipated by many the outcome of the race ,the focus now turn to no 2 post.
Of course , everybody wants to know who DS Najib preferred to be his no 2 and the trend of nomination saw TS Mahyuddin was the one but no one can confirm whether TS Mahyuddin is in the same boat with DS Najib or at least appeared in his line up list. The nearest clue should be the withdrawal of DS Dr Zahid Hamidi for the no 2 post and it can be seen as DS Zahid pave the way for someone but still we dont know who is the someone.the withdrawal was confirmed to be advised from DS Najib.
During anwar days in umno , zahid and mahyuddin was said to be in the same boat with anwar and both of them were known to be anwar symphatic but after DS Abdullah Ahmad Badawi became DPM , TS Mahyuddin was seen as pak lah strongest ally and DS Zahid was seen as DS Najib staunch supporter.we all knew DS Zahid served as DS Najib PS during the pemuda days.
TS Mahyuddin is instrumental to the power transition and he was seen as the man who made it happen sooner then planned and indirectly installed DS Najib the no 1 post earlier than expected and DS Zahid owes pak lah for the ministership post and of course we all know TS mat taib position within pak lah circle.
Can it be not DS Zahid situation plays a vital impact to the no 2 post ? how bout DS Hisham then ? where does he fit in ? then DS Ali Rustam,which factor convinced him to go for do or die ? TS mat taib future may be easily interpreted and we all knew his chances are slim....not very good as compared to DS Ali Rustam.
Does TS Mahyuddin failure to dominated the nomination as DS Najib did indicated some one is playing some chess ? or may be it was a strategic political manoueverity by somebody ? who will be sacrifice ? and why is it the victim was chosen to be sacrifice ? whats his sin ? who's the power broker ?
Some one at the top did not support the pemuda leading contender and dr khir sudden rise during the nomination process does raise some eyebrows to some and its clear that it was a magic hand involved.who is he ? is he the same person involved in the chess game for the top post ?
its not difficult to know who dr khir support for no1 and no 2....its not difficult to know who at the top supported kj...but its quite difficult to see thru the naked eye who supported mukhris....but its clear who mukhris supported for no 1 and no 2.
for wanita we can see azalina factor does creates certain infighting...we can see some attempt to push no 2 to no 1 and no 2 became the hotter seat than the no 1... some one wants no 2 so badly and there is of course some reason behind it. sharizat is trapped,,,,the wanita transition 3 mth after march doesn't seem to be logic and realistic..why would wanita have an acting chief for next 3 yrs juat for the sake of the 3 mth after march ? who will be sacrifice ? why is she chosen to be sacrifice ?
meanwhile the puteri no 1 and no 2 has became proxy for someone at the top and in pemuda /wanita ,,puteri has clearly became the battlefield for the proxies and until today its difficult to justify which candidates are genuine for the puteri no 1 and no 2 post.they all are the chess and umno is the chess board.
Above all politiking and manoueverity clearly lead umno to its D day earlier and sooner and it certainly does not favour the umno and malays future ,the power struggle within umno must stop immediately.the infighting among leaders must end now.
past leader and future ex leader must consider the interest of umno and the malays...previous leadership must accept the politic style they played are not welcome by the future and they must now immediately abort all political chess for the sake of umno.