Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Umno Survival

Umno since PRU 12 2008 till today have not fully recovered from the damages that challenge its absolute political stability and the supreme council has yet to understand or provide the best solution to recourse Umno its original standing.We all knew exactly where went wrong and the top brass in Umno does infact putting the best effort to get it right even some may consider its a more likely to save the paramount leader rather than Umno itself.
Sad to say,in reality to the eye of the commoner that the idea and effort of saving the leaders are not warmly welcome as it is to top umno leaders and the malays especially still expecting certain manouver that thus infact reflect the important of Umno Survival.
Save all related comment and opinion that given by many,Umno leaders still in the uphill battle to stabilize the current political situation to their favour and time shall be the benchmark to prove the state of umno leaders mind and soul efficiency in restoring its glory.