Friday, November 7, 2008

Lets Play Chess - The Umno Way

Now Umno had its new waiting least till march 2009,DS Najib won uncontested when last few days he dominates the umno division nomination for presidency post and his opponent failed to secure needed numbers for him to qualify. Already anticipated by many the outcome of the race ,the focus now turn to no 2 post.
Of course , everybody wants to know who DS Najib preferred to be his no 2 and the trend of nomination saw TS Mahyuddin was the one but no one can confirm whether TS Mahyuddin is in the same boat with DS Najib or at least appeared in his line up list. The nearest clue should be the withdrawal of DS Dr Zahid Hamidi for the no 2 post and it can be seen as DS Zahid pave the way for someone but still we dont know who is the someone.the withdrawal was confirmed to be advised from DS Najib.
During anwar days in umno , zahid and mahyuddin was said to be in the same boat with anwar and both of them were known to be anwar symphatic but after DS Abdullah Ahmad Badawi became DPM , TS Mahyuddin was seen as pak lah strongest ally and DS Zahid was seen as DS Najib staunch supporter.we all knew DS Zahid served as DS Najib PS during the pemuda days.
TS Mahyuddin is instrumental to the power transition and he was seen as the man who made it happen sooner then planned and indirectly installed DS Najib the no 1 post earlier than expected and DS Zahid owes pak lah for the ministership post and of course we all know TS mat taib position within pak lah circle.
Can it be not DS Zahid situation plays a vital impact to the no 2 post ? how bout DS Hisham then ? where does he fit in ? then DS Ali Rustam,which factor convinced him to go for do or die ? TS mat taib future may be easily interpreted and we all knew his chances are slim....not very good as compared to DS Ali Rustam.
Does TS Mahyuddin failure to dominated the nomination as DS Najib did indicated some one is playing some chess ? or may be it was a strategic political manoueverity by somebody ? who will be sacrifice ? and why is it the victim was chosen to be sacrifice ? whats his sin ? who's the power broker ?
Some one at the top did not support the pemuda leading contender and dr khir sudden rise during the nomination process does raise some eyebrows to some and its clear that it was a magic hand involved.who is he ? is he the same person involved in the chess game for the top post ?
its not difficult to know who dr khir support for no1 and no 2....its not difficult to know who at the top supported kj...but its quite difficult to see thru the naked eye who supported mukhris....but its clear who mukhris supported for no 1 and no 2.
for wanita we can see azalina factor does creates certain infighting...we can see some attempt to push no 2 to no 1 and no 2 became the hotter seat than the no 1... some one wants no 2 so badly and there is of course some reason behind it. sharizat is trapped,,,,the wanita transition 3 mth after march doesn't seem to be logic and realistic..why would wanita have an acting chief for next 3 yrs juat for the sake of the 3 mth after march ? who will be sacrifice ? why is she chosen to be sacrifice ?
meanwhile the puteri no 1 and no 2 has became proxy for someone at the top and in pemuda /wanita ,,puteri has clearly became the battlefield for the proxies and until today its difficult to justify which candidates are genuine for the puteri no 1 and no 2 post.they all are the chess and umno is the chess board.
Above all politiking and manoueverity clearly lead umno to its D day earlier and sooner and it certainly does not favour the umno and malays future ,the power struggle within umno must stop immediately.the infighting among leaders must end now.
past leader and future ex leader must consider the interest of umno and the malays...previous leadership must accept the politic style they played are not welcome by the future and they must now immediately abort all political chess for the sake of umno.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Too Much To Consume......

The hindraf issue................some action is vital....immediately...dont waste time....they practice castism among them..its their culture and yet they blame umno......they discriminate among them and they again blame the malays and umno....they exploit..manipulate..their own unfortunate for their own benefit and again they blame umno.....
too many things they did unneccasarily.....unlawful.......disrespect peace and order....slander.....etc.etc......lets do it...act fast......faster than fast.....we have no reason to has been too much to consume.
its their supreme leaders that let them down.....the only leader who condemn hindraf before election and suddenly supporting them after he lost he wanted to be seen as heroes to the people he condemned...he who we all know.....he hehehehe......
now he says..he wants Inter Racial Council.........?????? he wants it.....we dont want it cause we dont need one need malaysian need it....we are all live in harmony and we all respect our culture and we all know how to stabilise unfavour situation created by arrogant politician.
we rakyat have better quality of thinking...we had our credibility to find best solution in case of any situation....we do not welcome chaos.....we do not condone political manipulation.......we know how to think for the best of national interest. we respect each other highly.
we rakyat understand the true meaning of unity.....we practice harmony among cultures and people....we do not tolerate oppourtunist. we can compromise when situation required and we expect the leaders to learn from us.

President Blunder

Our future Ex PM cum future Ex Umno president made an unrationale statement relating to our former PM and former umno president. He claimed that the former PM and former umno president is not umno members and therefore he is not eligible to involved in any political related arrangement or comment.

The Future Ex Umno President had humilated himself with the statement.he actually has himself to blamed for his fall.... so do some umno leaders that we all know was the boot licker to the former pm and former umno president still the boot licker to the future ex pm cum ex president...they still the same and we shall watch them after future ex pm cum president became ex president.....will they change ? i believe not.....

what was the thing that made the future ex president made his blunder ?

When he made the statement....he is already history to the future...near future....its a fact.....and yet he blamed the former president for his unwilling departure....he was very upset and disappointed and he forget or he purposely ignore the actual facts on his unschedule departure.

Was it a facts that Tun Dr.Mahathir is the one who caused his early depature ? was it an absolute fact that TDM political manoueverity and propaganda that caused his downfall ? Was it fact that TDM arranged the next umno supreme leaders to his favour ? Was it fact that the future ex pm have no sin at all to umno and the rakyat ?

is he not a perfectionist ? did was he the holyman perfected Islam thru his islam hadari..? did he not practice power sharing...?..share with his son in law..? who created 4th floor ? who gave the absolute power to 4 th floor ? did he not practice political intidimation ? was he not respect and understand the rakyat sentimen ? was he not the corridor man ? was anybody else fond with singapore supremacy ? what not his political and national policy benefit the rakyat and umno ? do we know who the master of deception / disguise ? are we not mind blocked ? are we not blind ? were the rakyat born fools ?

some one on the way to unschedule retirement rejected outsiders / former members......not so ordinary members.. attempt to help regain umno good image and dignity....does he not forget that he is the supreme umno members and yet he had caused loads of baddies to umno and the malays ? umno is important to the malays.....not the someone....he is not important and irrelevant anymore....thats absolute facts....hard to deny.....

Lets do some mathematics.........mind maths.......we'll get the absolute answer.......

Inter Racial Act ? Do Malaysian Need One ?

Lately...too many political leaders...NGO about racial issue in our beloved seems that as if the racial situation in malaysia is in critical situation...political hero and heroine speaks aloud matters related to race and religion and claimed they were too many hidden issue need to be attended and resolve.

some NGO even organise some unneccasary forum to discussed unneccasary issues and hoping to be branded heroes and saviour for their people.all in all...the presurre were all on malays and islam........can we all deny this fact ?many not too needed interviews were made and publish in all media and those so called professionals and political observer gave their opinion and of course expecting to be seen as the champ of all champ.

first of we really need to discuss all these issues and do we need others opinion on these issue ? can we just not discussed it ? can we all consider these issues as something very sensitive and can we consider mutual understanding and mutual respect more than enough to achieved best solution..?

Inter Racial act ? can someone make the rakyat understand why do we need one ? is it realistic ?after many recorded cases that related to this act had happened in our soil ? is it too critical ? are we saying the inter race relationship in our country had failed badly ?

we all cannot deny the facts that till today and to this very moment...all malaysian be it any race are in good and harmony situation....and many will agree that only politician from both faction are actually the one who cannot and may be dont know how to be harmony among each other.....

it could be more realistic and appropriate if the govt consider INTER POLITICIAN that all politician will be better behaved and careful when promoting themselves without relating the rakyat racial sentiment.

politician must not talk about racial sentiment when they themself fight for racial be intergration may failed if we segregate the youngs thru different type of school....why do we need tamil school...why do we need chinese school......if we dont want racial issue to be our social problem then we all should agree to one type of school......sekolah kebangsaan with bahasa malaysia.....thats fair....cause we all malaysian and we should be treated equally...then we all should equally respect the perlembagaan negara which stipulated clearly its meaning.

got to be real.........all poltician must realise that the rakyat mind are not to be meant fool.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Malays The Immigrant ? any action against the culprit who made the statement ?

Someone from penang umno made a comment during the permatang pauh by election and later he was bashed and criticised by political leaders from both bn and pr....a quite heavy pressure were mounted against umno and its leader to punish the man and we all know the ending in which the verdict was not in favour of the malays.

2 weeks ago gerakan wanita chief made similar statement and this time she claimed that the malays too were immigrant and of course there were some angry malays who were not very happy with her statement.

strangely ...gerakan leaders and other non malays party both in bn and pr did not behaved like they did when the umno man made his statement,infact these so called anti racial political hero clearly bias towards the incident involving a statement made by the wanita chief that may cause unhealthy situation to the malays......they keep mumm.....why is that so ?

but what more obviously surprised was that the umno who led the bn did not even demand apology from the related parties when the statement made can be considered humilating the malays.all we heard from ministers n political leaders was a small and mild reminder......which was not even match the fiery objection from the other party when umno members made same statement.

only umno leaders knew the reason on why this issue were taken seems like umno feared something....and if it is....what is it ? does it not umno had too many big sins ? what are the thing they fear ? were umno leaders weight the malays sensivity ? or they just plain brain coward ?

the malays expect more realistic action againsts those who practice stragtegic provocative politics and they certainly expect fair treatment for all malaysian and they hope the malay leaders can realise these important facts and at the same time the malay people also expected the non malay political leaders from both faction to at least understand the true meaning of mutual respect and mutual understanding.

to all politician....go a head and fight among yourself and please leave the rakyat out of your political objective.we the rakyat have no problem with each other....we all live in harmony until you politician use us for your own benefit......get lost.......

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Political Change : Leaders And Policy

The most hated PM is on his final journey to unwilling retirement and has endorsed DS najib as his succesor but he clearly said he hope DS Najib will win the umno presidency to make the trasition plan as planned.
General sentiment within Umno for now does favour DS Najib.. even Ku Li.. the other contender supported by Tun Dr.Mahathir may have some edge and may have some amount of advantage .but one can never know till the end.Until then DS Najib must prove his worthyness , his vision , his wife visoin to the umno grassroot and the rakyat. it wont be smooth sailing for DS Najib.
For the last 2 yrs the 4th floor and Abdullah Ahmad Badawi were hardly crticised by many and DS Najib had played significant role to stabilise the situation and has been staunch suppoters to AAB leadership crisis.DS Najib has proved his loyalty to the umno president on the name of umno political culture and tradition without giving neccasary concern and attention to the growing numbers of rakyat who felt angry with the nice and clean Mr.paklah.
After the pru 12,come harder hammer on the AAB leadership and policy and umno was blamed hardly by it BN component.Leadrship crisis..policy crisis..political it and all can be rate as crisis.Even DS Najib blunt support for AAB can be seen as principal crisis.
Will these crisis haunt DS Najib in his quest for Prime Ministership ? will these crisis contribute to rough sailing for his quest for umno premiership ? how safe is DS Najib in this quest after playing safe for so long ? does DS Najib crisis management safe enough to secures a safe sailing for his final quest to premiership?
Now lets bygone be gone and the mr clean and mr niceguy has decided to retire for good and of course his not needed policy will follow with him and he can use it for his family and especially his son in law.DS cannot inherit AAB policy or leadership style.but if he did or try to.. then he too should retire.
Can we say change of leadership in umno is enough for its survival ? can we say changes of party and national policy is enough too for umno after been in ICU for few years ? if not....we must let the new leader know...will he accept ? he has other option.
History has proven leadership and policy plays significant role in surviving threat.Therefore DS Najib and his deputy must ensure the new policy for the party and BN can be comfortably accpeted by the rakyat.
Repeated errors are not welcomed,usual political manoueverity mustn't be again practice,,old tricks and magic cannot be again become playing tools...rakyat mind must not be underestimate..political bickering have to and effort for rakyat must be given priority and greatest effort.
DS najib must ensure the reborn of 4th floor or similar never more denial politics..minimise media spinning....minimise public feud..less non sense....avoid the word "jangan " and instead better use .." tidak perlu "
DS najib must learn that ideal policy is a vital element in achieving better politics.he must have abosulte understanding on rakyat wants and not his wife wants.....he must limits his wife to be another 4th floor.he has no other choice.

The Umno Survival -The Next Episode.

Yesterday 8 th september Umno President Abdullah Ahmad Badawi after the much awaiting BN supreme council meeting confirm his departure as the PM on march 2009 , he cited the reason behind his decision as his own without any pressurre from anybody.Of course he will not defend his president post and extend his support for DS Najib.

The announcement was certainly contrary to his stand last month which he was affirm to defend the umno no 1 seat ,we all know all the prresure mounted after the speacial umno supreme council meeting 2 weeks ago and TS mahyuddin was the man to blamed ( as the media had spinned )

Now all focus to DS najib as the next party president and at the same time the exciting race shall be the deputy president post which saw a sudden interest from much too many aspirant who think they too fit to be umno no 2.,too many self declare candidate cited that they too have had request from the grassroots to go for the no 2 post and of course their vision is for the sake of umno survival.

well..not everybody are dumbo and we can be certain that too many cast doubts on these candidates intention and desire.It is clear that very few top umno leader have had their mind spell out without fear for the sake of umno survival and its a undeniable fact that the most obvious and consistent one is TS Mahyuddin.

so when other offered themselves after the historic special umno supreme council meet 2 weeks ago,the no 2 post has become the favourites one.the question is ..where were these candidates when umno was dire for support for changes ? When the media blamed TS Mahyuddin for the pressure on AAb to resign immediately,,where were they ? what was their stand then ?what Ali rustam has said ? did mat taib support TS Mahyuddin view or at least accept the fact that TS Mahyuddin speaks for the grassroots ? does it not mat taib saw the good intention of TS Mahyuddin ? Didnt anyone realise that DS Najib supported TS Mahyuddin on the transition issue ? were zahid hamidi agreed with DS Najib and TS Mahyuddin ? anybody saw jazlan then ?

umno is a great factor for the malays and the one can deny that...umno had great deeds for the non malays and its a undisputable fact .umno is news and news is umno in malaysia.everyone want to talk about umno,be it its suporters or vice versa.

Therefore the umno survival plays significant role to malaysian one word..umno is important and umno is not for anybody to lead...umno is for anybody to be riden..umno is not for those who want to make it as testing object.

umno is the voice of malaysian.all must respect and cherish the fact.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Umno Survival

Umno since PRU 12 2008 till today have not fully recovered from the damages that challenge its absolute political stability and the supreme council has yet to understand or provide the best solution to recourse Umno its original standing.We all knew exactly where went wrong and the top brass in Umno does infact putting the best effort to get it right even some may consider its a more likely to save the paramount leader rather than Umno itself.
Sad to say,in reality to the eye of the commoner that the idea and effort of saving the leaders are not warmly welcome as it is to top umno leaders and the malays especially still expecting certain manouver that thus infact reflect the important of Umno Survival.
Save all related comment and opinion that given by many,Umno leaders still in the uphill battle to stabilize the current political situation to their favour and time shall be the benchmark to prove the state of umno leaders mind and soul efficiency in restoring its glory.